Reciprocal Education Approach – Frequently Asked Questions, by Ministry of Education, March 2020

The purpose of this document is to provide additional information about the Reciprocal Education Approach (REA) to ensure smooth and consistent implementation throughout the province. REA is designed to change the educational landscape for First Nation students and families by improving access, removing barriers and strengthening parent and guardian choice for First Nation students wishing

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A Critical Perspective on the Canadian Education Gap: Assessing First Nation Student Education Outcomes in Canada, May 2021

This paper aims to unpack the history of First Nations education in Canada, provide an overview of recommendations over the last several decades brought forth by First Nation and government bodies, outline the First Nation student learner outcomes in Canada, associated education gaps, and the key barriers to achievement, and initiate a critical path forward

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Chiefs of Ontario: Overview Video

The Chiefs of Ontario is a political forum and a secretariat for collective decision making, action, and advocacy for the 133 First Nation communities located within the boundaries of the province of Ontario, Canada. Guided by the Chiefs in Assembly, Chiefs of Ontario upholds self-determination efforts of the Anishinaabek, Mushkegowuk, Onkwehon:we, and Lenape Peoples in

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Aboriginal Teacher Education: Issues for First Nations Communities

A part of the Manifesto documentation, this report was written by David Anderson, Laura Horton and Sheila Orwick in 2004. This concept paper focuses on three areas: 1. recruitment and graduation of Aboriginal teachers; 2. cultural training for all teachers and 3. Native language teacher certification. It addresses the following questions: What is the vision

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Education Services (Tuition) Agreement – 2013

A Resource for First Nations and Ontario School Boards This guidebook provides reference material for Ontario's publicly funded school boards and Ontario First Nations to assist them when they are developing Tuition Agreements. This guide was developed through the collaboration of: COO, AANDC, Ministry of Education, School Board Associations.

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Ontario High Cost Special Education: Funding Review – 2010

Prepared by Kabuty Consulting in 2010, for the Chiefs of Ontario, the purpose of this report was to review and provide an analysis of the High Cost Special Education Program. This report provides: i. A complete financial analysis of the High Cost Special Education program in Ontario; ii. A comparative analysis of what is happening

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Charting Our Own Path Forward: A Preliminary Analysis of the HCSEP – 2015

The Ontario First Nation Special Education Working Group (OFNSEWG), a joint technical and advisory body of the Chiefs of Ontario and Indian Affairs, is mandated by the First Nations Education Coordination Unit (FNECU) to provide recommendations on issues and specific strategies for political review and/or approval for action. The report highlights the issues arising from

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