The First Nation Education Coordination Unit (FNECU) is a technical and advisory body operating under the umbrella of the Chiefs of Ontario to address lifelong educational priorities.

It is comprised of the Education Directors of the four Provincial Territorial Organizations (PTOs) and one representative from the Independent First Nations. Additional seats are reserved for established regional Aboriginal Education Organizations. Currently, these seats are held by the Anishinaabek, Mushkegowk and Onkwehon:we Language Commission of Oniatari’:io (AMO), the Indigenous Institutes Consortium (IIC), and the Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council (OFNYPC).  The FNECU is supported and coordinated through the Chiefs of Ontario office by the Director of Education.

The Education Coordination Unit is currently engaged in a number of ongoing projects and initiatives related to special education, elementary and secondary education, post-secondary education and training and languages revitalization. The primary objective is to identify and enact initiatives that will result in delivering sustainable, equitable First Nation education systems under full First Nations jurisdiction.

Purpose & Mandate

The Education Co-ordination Unit facilitates and supports the First Nations’ political and technical processes to effectively respond to the needs of First Nations and the initiatives of the federal and provincial governments. It assists the First Nations to plan and develop strategies involved in the attainment of First Nation control of First Nations’ Education. The Unit works to improve information sharing in order to develop a strong network of First Nation Educators in Ontario. The ECU regularly engages in intergovernmental liaison with federal and provincial government officials and other education organizations to promote the collective interests of First Nations as mandated.


FNECU Terms of Reference

The activities of the Chiefs of Ontario (COO) are governed by the Leadership Council. The purpose of the COO office is to enable the four PTO’s and Independent First Nations to discuss and decide on regional, provincial, federal and national priorities affecting First Nations and to provide a unified voice on these issues. The main objective of the COO office is facilitate the discussion, planning, implementation and evaluation of all local, regional, provincial, federal and national matters affecting the First Nations in Ontario.