The Chiefs & Technical Table on Languages and Learning (CTCLL) formerly called the First Nation Education Coordination Unit (FNECU) is a technical and advisory body operating under the umbrella of the Chiefs of Ontario to support First Nations and regional organizations through consensus building to address and advance First Nation jurisdiction over languages and learning systems and environments. The CTCLL is also mandated to provide technical and political advice, recommendations and strategies to the Ontario Regional Chief, the COO Leadership Council and the Chiefs-in-Assembly on all matters related to First Nations languages and learning.

The CTCLL will utilize consensus-building strategies with First Nation communities and/or through their designated representative organizations to determine language and learning priorities and develop strategies, positions and solutions to address needs. Consensus-building tools will include analysis, engagement, partnerships and other means to bring communities together for the purposes of addressing the language and learning needs of First Nation individuals, families and communities in Ontario.

The overarching goal of the CTCLL is to advocate for First Nations control over First Nations languages and learning as determined by First Nations. The CTCLL will aim to empower and support First Nations as they build capacity in these areas by providing political support, technical expertise, research, and strategies.

Notably, the activities of the CTCLL incorporate the full scope of lifelong learning, which is a holistic concept that respects education and learning equally for the full life journey of individuals. The concept embraces education and learning rooted in our language and culture that provides opportunities and supports based on individual need for development, learning and success


It is comprised of two Co-Chairs (Leadership Council Education Portfolio Holders), one political and one technical representative from each of the four Provincial Territorial Organizations (PTOs), the Independent First Nations, Mushkegowuk Council, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and other unaffiliated First Nations (if interested or requested). The Ontario Regional Chief shall be an ex-officio member of the CTCLL. The CTCLL is supported and coordinated through the Chiefs of Ontario office by the Director of Education.

Mission & Vision

The Mission and Vision Statements of the Chiefs of Ontario set the overarching framework for the Chiefs and Technic al Committee on Language Learning

COO Mission Statement

The Chiefs of Ontario will support all First Nations in Ontario as they assert their sovereignty, jurisdiction, and their chosen expression of nationhood.

COO Vision Statement

First Nations in Ontario are united towards self-sufficiency and vibrancy while never forgetting who we are; this unity is facilitated through the Chiefs in Ontario. We envision a future where our inherent laws, lands and traditions are recognized and respected by governments, industry and the general public.

The Chiefs and Technical Committee on Language & Learning (CTCLL) is authorized by the following resolutions:

  1. Leadership Council, MOTION #2022-07-19.5
  2. Chiefs-in-Assembly (Resolution #)