Early Learning

Our Children are Our Future – Early Learning Asset Mapping Project

Provided through Chiefs of Ontario, this project provides an update to the information gathered in 2004 to finalize the Early Learning Model for First Nations in Ontario. It gives a clearer understanding of current assets which support early learning; gaps and opportunities to create viable early learning strategies and ideas for potential partnerships.

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ELAMP – April 2015 – Addendum

This is an addendum "ELAMP Supplementary Report" to the report “Our Children Are Our Future: Early Learning Asset Mapping Final Report” produced by the Chiefs of Ontario Education Coordination Unit in August 2014 with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education.

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ELAMP – August 2014 – ‘Our Children are Our Future’ – Final Report

The 2014 Early Learning Asset Mapping Project (ELAMP) Report will now update the previous information and provide the First Nation communities with a better understanding of the following: - their current assets which support early learning - gaps, overlaps, opportunities to create a locally appropriate and viable early learning strategy - links to existing resources

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