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First Nation Education Law template for First Nations Governments in Ontario

(without prejudice to those First Nations and their organizations with education jurisdiction agreements in place or under negotiation) With reference to Resolution 13/13, work was authorized in May 2013 to build an Education Law Template to move First Nations jurisdiction over education. This presentation, by Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, contains visuals to assist the reader in

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Tradition and Education: Towards a Vision of Our Future

A Declaration of First Nations Jurisdiction over Education. This Declaration was unanimously approved and adopted by the Chiefs of Canada at the Meeting of the Confederacy of Nations in Ottawa on the 13th December 1988. This Declaration is a result of the National Review of First Nations Education - a major study of First Nations

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First Nations Control of First Nations Education – 2010

In order to ensure that the Indian Control of Indian Education (ICIE) of 1972 reflected the current challenges and changes in education and continued to support the realization of education as a tool to eradicate poverty, on February 21, 2007 the AFN Chiefs Committee on Education (CCOE) and the National Indian Education Council (NIEC) recommended

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Our Children Our Future Our Vision – 2012

This report was produced in 2012 by the New Agenda Working Group, established by the Chiefs of Ontario. It continued the important work and objectives set out in previous reports, studies and resolutions on First Nations education in Ontario. This report builds on the Manifesto that was completed in 2004 and is meant to be

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