K-12 Funding Formula Side by Side Information Session Thunder Bay

K-12 Funding Formula Side by Side Information Session Thunder Bay

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The Chiefs of Ontario and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) will be hosting in-person K-12 Funding Formula Side by Side Information Sessions to support communities and First Nation nominal roll holders understand the side by side document.  The side by side document is produced by ISC annually and provided to First Nations and First Nation nominal roll holders.  It is a tool to outline funding for K-12 education generated through the Interim Funding Approach/Interim Funding Formula.

The information session will walk participants through the document and provide an opportunity for one on one sessions with ISC to go over individual side by sides.

We plan to host three sessions, one in Toronto and two other sessions (Thunder Bay and northwestern Ontario, – more details to follow once venues are secured)

COO will reimburse two representatives from each First Nation or nominal role holder. Suggested participants include First Nation education directors and financial personnel responsible for your community’s Education budget.

Each individual must register using the link below


Please note, that a block of rooms has been set aside at the Valhalla Hotel & Conference Centre at the rate of $180.00+ To book your accommodations, please call the hotel at 1-800-577-1121 or use the booking link below. Individuals must identify themselves as part of the “K-12 Funding Formula Side by Side Information Sessions”


First Nations and nominal role holders will cover the costs upfront and submit travel claims to COO for reimbursement.

Travel Claim Process

Please submit travel claims within 2 weeks of the meeting date by email to holly.golabek@coo.org (Deadline December 14, 2023)

Please include complete mailing address. PO Box #’s are not sufficient.

Please submit the travel claim as an EXCEL, not a PDF, JPEG or Scan

Please submit JPEG or scans of any receipts. Please note if the receipt(s) are hard copies (physical paper) then they will need to also be mailed into the COO Office; However, please email me prior to mailing anything into the office and I will advise you of the process and provide you with a PO reference number.

Please note, Travel must be done in the most economical way.

Claiming Mileage

If driving personal car- claim mileage, not mileage and gas.

A google link/map indicating the kilometres or miles from the start point and the final destination is required. The easiest way to do this is to send me a screenshot of the map showing the kms.

Travel is calculated by the shortest route in kilometres.

Mileage rate is .59 per km

Flights or Train

Flights must be booked in economy class.

Official copy of airline/train invoice/ticket MUST be provided.

Taxis and Parking

Original taxi receipts or parking stubs are required, with date, start and end locations clearly indicated.

Taxis are not to be used for personal purposes, such as, to and from restaurants.

Tips do not exceed 10% for taxis.

Chelsea parking rate is $39 per day, plus 13% HST for overnight guests.  Please note that there is a height restriction of 5’6” in the parking garage.


Room and taxes are covered. Incidentals are not covered (i.e. bar bills, movies, dry cleaning, or other personal expenses).


Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided on November 30. Please advise of any dietary allergies that we need to be aware of. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate personal dietary preferences.

The rates for meals not provided are as follows: Breakfast $22.80, Lunch $23.05, Dinner $56.6. No receipt(s) are required. It is a flat rate regardless of the amount you paid.




Dec 12 2023


All Day


Chelsea Hotel, Toronto
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