Dryden Now News – January 9, 2019

Sean Monteith, the Director of Education for the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, says that the board’s variety of Academy Programs have been a huge success and source of pride for him and his staff, and that the programs have led to growing enrolment rates across the region.



IAESC marks anniversary with website, logo unveiling

Anishnabek News – Jan 9, 2019

The Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC) is planning a student conference for early February 2019 to help shape the future of the community-driven post-secondary education and training system in Ontario.



Deceased residential school survivor’s compensation claim overturned for lack of signature

CBC News – January 8, 2019

The body overseeing the compensation process for the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement has overturned an award to the family of a deceased residential school survivor because the claim application did not have his signature.



Anishinaabemowin Language Keeper and teacher precious to culture

Anishnabek News – January 7, 2019

A Nipissing First Nation woman spoke only Anishinaabemowin until she was seven-years-old. Now a valued language keeper and helper with Nipissing First Nation’s Culture and Heritage Centre, Evelyn McLeod states the Nipissing dialect is one of kind.



 Okanagan educator wants to answer the hard questions on Indigenous issues

CBC News – January 7, 2019

An Okanagan Indigenous educator is encouraging people to ask anything they’ve ever wanted to know about Indigenous culture, people, history and current affairs.

Pamela Barnes, an adjunct professor in the nursing department at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus and her husband, Wilfred ‘Grouse’ Barnes, will conduct a series of workshops that discuss Sylix culture and tackle misconceptions people may have about Indigenous issues.



Efforts underway by Sudbury University to keep Ojibwe Language Going

CBC News – January 7, 2019

Mary Ann Corbiere is an Indigenous language instructor at the University of Sudbury. She is the creator and teachor for the course, Introductory to Nishnaabemowin, which began in the fall of 2018.



Why sharing positive Indigenous community stories matters to me

CBC News – January 7, 2019

Tag along as Lenard Monkman visits Nisichiwayasihk Cree Nation

Even as an Indigenous journalist, I understand that there is still mistrust and hesitancy for Indigenous people to talk to media. As someone who was born and raised with Anishinaabe teachings in the southern part of the province, I wanted to go into the north and get a feel for what it’s like there as part of a community outreach for CBC Indigenous.



 Oshki Wenjack Education Centre hopes to stop training FN people ‘just to be helpers’

CBC News – January 4, 2019

It’s called a classroom on wheels and for the first time ever, officials at the Oshki-Wenjack Education Institute in Thunder Bay, Ont., will be using their newly acquired mobile trailer as a training centre for Indigenous students who want to become an apprentice or journey person in the trades industry.



 ‘Come Walk in our Moccasins’ Indigenous Program Mini-Medical School 2019 University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine

Anishnabek News – January 4, 2019

“Come Walk in our Moccasins” is a recruiting strategy created by the Indigenous Program to encourage First Nations, Métis and Inuit people to apply to the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. Since its inception in January 2010, we have welcomed over 260 Indigenous participants, encouraging them to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor.



 Beginning our New Years 2019 with a celebration of our Indigenous Heritage

Net News Ledger – January 3, 2019

The Thundering of the Big Drums, and empowering songs by our women hand-drummers, the jingle dresses of women and bells of our Ogitchitah traditional dancers and grass dancers, along with the laughter of all our children and community and educaring of our protocols made it possible to remember how it was, and how it still is.



 Anishinabek artists showcase artwork at annual Christmas crafts show

Anishnabek News – January 3, 2019

Wiikwemkoong’s Martina Osawamick brought back some of the porcupine quill and other arts and craft pieces she is known for to the 17th Annual Christmas Aboriginal Fine Arts and Crafts Gift Show in Thunder Bay.



ODEYTO named one of 10 Best Canadian Architecture Projects of 2018

Seneca College Media – January 3, 2019

Odeyto, Seneca’s new Indigenous centre at Newnham Campus, has been named one of the top 10 Canadian Architecture Projects of 2018. The building has been recognized for Best Implementation of Native Building Practices by Azure Magazine.

Named after the Anishnaabe word “Odeyto” – which translates to “the good journey” – the multipurpose facility is the new home of FirstPeoples@Seneca. It is also accessible to members of the broader community.



Youth leaving state care need education support

The Conversation – January 1, 2019

Whose voices matter when we think about youth in the care of the state? It is essential to listen to young people themselves in order to improve outcomes. The focus of my research has been educational attainment of youth in care, and how youth themselves are a resource for supporting the achievement of their peers. While studying existing research about the educational outcomes of young people in care, in 2006, I began a campus mentorship program through which more than 200 youth have since developed education action plans and several have completed degrees, diplomas or certifications.



First Nations should have control of their own revenues

Policy Options News – Dec 12, 2018

One of the most anachronistic and paternalistic aspects of the Indian Act could finally come to an end in large part when amendments are made to the First Nations Land Management Act and the First Nations Fiscal Management Act. Changes are being proposed for nine articles that deal with the Management of “Indian Moneys”, which the Indian Act describes as “all moneys collected, received or held by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of Indians or Bands.”