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We are pleased to inform you that the Ontario Ministry of Education has provided funding to Geneva Centre for Autism to offer the Ontario Educator Online Autism Training Program to Public School Boards and First Nations communities. This training is accessible free of charge for teachers and EA’s working for First Nation communities in Ontario.

In order to maximize the budget and allotment for First Nations communities, it is important that we collect a list of interested educators that want to access these courses. Therefore, it is imperative that you go to the link below and put in a Notice of Interest. The Notice of Interest list will help inform us of the need and build a business case, assuring that we can advocate strongly for access to the courses for First Nation communities. Once registered, you would have 120 days to complete the course (March-July 2021). The Registration deadline is April 24, 2021. 


Notice of Interest registration link:


Background information

The objectives of this program are to increase understanding of ASD and ABA methods, enhance the delivery of programming to students with ASD, and to improve their educational, social, communication and behavioural outcomes.

Formally known as Geneva Centre for Autism’s Training Institute, Sonderly is the training division of Geneva Centre. With a 30-year history of providing autism training, this transformation marks a new era in autism and special education training!

Sonderly seeks to democratize expert knowledge and skills by curating and decoding clinical research. It is presented to you in a user-friendly way in order to provide you with practical tools to take you beyond just awareness.

Courses Offered

Charting a Path to Success in your Classroom:

Training for educators new to supporting students with ASD. Recognize the characteristics and impact of ASD. Learn to incorporate essential and effective ABA strategies into your instructional approach for individuals with ASD.



8 Modules

Supporting Children with ASD in an Inquiry and Play-Based Learning environment:

Provides kindergarten classroom educators with the tools to support a child with ASD to learn and thrive in a play-based inquiry kindergarten classroom.  



5 Modules

ABA for Educators Level I:

For educators already experienced in working with students with ASD, this course provides comprehensive training on Applied Behaviour Analysis, with a focus on how to apply evidence-based strategies in the classroom.



12 Modules

ABA for Educators Level II: Practical Applications of Reinforcement and Prompting in the Classroom:

For educational staff who have completed the ABA Certificate Course for Educators and are ready to enhance their skills in the application of reinforcement and prompting.  



6 Modules

Registered Behaviour TechnicianTM Course for Educators (2nd Edition):

Comprehensive ASD and ABA training recognized by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®). Provides educators with the theory, strategies, and ethical considerations required to assist students by using ABA principles in educational settings.



20 Modules

Functional Behavioural Assessment Certificate Course:

Designed for those seeking a more technical look at the principles of ABA, behaviour assessment, data collection and behaviour intervention planning.


6 Modules