Turtle Island News – May 29, 2017 J

Justin Trudeau says he told Pope Francis it’s important for all Canadians to move forward with reconciliation, and that pontiff could help by issuing an apology for the role of the Catholic Church played in residential school.



Mother ‘Outraged and Upset’ After School Aboriginal Retention Workers Eliminated

CBC News – May 24, 2017

Mother Rachelle Tanton says she’s not happy that Saskatoon’s Catholic school division has ended its Aboriginal student-retention worker program. On Tuesday, the 12 employees in the program received layoff notices. The separate school board says the decision was made to deal with a $9.7-million budget shortfall generated after the provincial budget. Tanton said her four children have benefited greatly from the program, and says it’s a huge loss.



Catholic School Division Cuts Aboriginal Retention Worker Jobs

Saskatoon Star Phoenix – May 23, 2017

Catholic Board chair Diane Boyko said eliminating the positions will save about $700,000, but noted the cuts were not easy to make. “This is a very hard thing for us to do,” she said. “This is not an easy category for us to say that we have to step back on. These people have done excellent work for the division, the families and the students that they work with, and this is a difficult situation.”



Couple Calls on Ontario Government to Ban Indigenous Logos, Mascots in Schools

CBC Indigenous – May 22, 2017

Though the Sudbury-area hockey team isn’t affiliated with a school, the couple went to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, where they’ve asked for the provincial ministry of education to force its school boards to take action. “We are asking that they ban all offensive First Nations logos and names from all Ontario schools as the effects of these logos/names are harmful to our children. This also includes a total ban of all clothing/accessories that bear these logos,” Courchene wrote on Facebook.



OFC Grads Look Ahead

Chronicle Journal – May 18, 2017

The young graduates, their families and peers, gathered for a ceremony commemorating their journey to achieve a secondary school education. For some, that journey wasn’t easy.



Board, Staff of Anishinaabe School in Ontario Worried for Future Students

APTN – May 15, 2017

The board and staff at an Anishinaabe elementary school in Ontario say they are worried about the future of their students. They say they have yet to receive tuition payments they are entitled to for nearly a third of the children enrolled.



U of S Launches Engineering Program for Indigenous Youth

Alberta Native News – May 12, 2017

“Our ultimate goal is to inspire Indigenous youth to consider the possibilities of careers in engineering,” said U of S College of Engineering professor Sean Maw, who holds the Jerry G. Huff Chair in Innovative Teaching. “The knowledge that their ancestors were excellent designers can instill pride and curiosity. It will also engender respect and appreciation from non-Indigenous people.”