The journey of language revitalization can be challenging, especially when time is of the essence. The work can be daunting whether your First Nation is just beginning or already underway. The COO has reviewed online language planning resources. These resources and tools can help your First Nation establish language revitalization goals and determine what the community needs to achieve them. Creating a language plan allows you to map a path forward based on your language’s unique needs and available resources. It also helps evaluate the current language situation in your community, set goals, identify gaps, and plan for the necessary resources and tools to achieve your language revitalization goals.  You may find the following links helpful in this initial work.

First Peoples’ Cultural Council

How to Use the Language Revitalization Planning Toolkit


Assembly of First Nations (AFN) 

Revitalizing First Nations Languages: A Costing Analysis


First Nations Languages Funding Fact Sheet


Exploring First Nations Education and Linguistic Connections