March 19, 2021

Canadians want to see action on climate change, and they know that pollution cannot be free. That’s why the Government of Canada is ensuring that there is a fair, minimum price on carbon pollution across the country and is returning the revenues back to households to make life more affordable and to communities to help them cut pollution and save on energy costs 


Peel school boards, public health and education ministry discuss moving to online but ministry recommends no closure

March 16 , 2021

As Ontario records rising numbers of school closings because of COVID-19, Peel Region boards met with the local public health unit and province to discuss moving all of their students to online learning until mid-April. 


Premier Pallister defends education overhaul

March 16 , 2021

A day after the provincial government announced new plans to change the education system in Manitoba, Premier Brian Pallister defended the decision. 


Here Is Why UBC Says It’s Raising Tuition

March 16, 2021

Two- to four-per-cent hikes will drive students further into poverty and debt, critics charge.


Ontario Expanding Access to Mental Health and Addictions Services in Northwestern Ontario

March 15, 2021

The Ontario government is providing over $1.5 million in annual funding to expand access to specialized mental health and addictions services in Northwestern Ontario. This funding will be used to hire up to six psychiatrists and help to develop a systemwide response to mental health and addictions challenges in the region through local community-based services, including culturally appropriate services for Indigenous children and youth.


Mi’kmaq couple help bring their language to the small screen

March 15, 2021

The Mi’kmaq language is on display for all to hear in a popular historical drama produced for the History channel – and a couple from Eskasoni First Nation helped make it happen.


The weight of not being like the others’: Indigenous students on the challenges of university

March 12, 2021

Kailey Nicholas was nine years old when she started feeling it. The way things changed when people found out who she was. It was as though the white school children had been told to keep their guard up around Nicholas and the other Mohawks.


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