Greetings First Nation Education Teams;

This is the call for the 2023-24 High Cost Special Education Needs-Based Applications.  The Application due date is Friday, October 27, 2023 (5:00 pm EST). This process is done on a volunteer basis if your community has identified needs that are over and above your 2023-2024 HCSEP allocation.

The attached HCSEP Needs-Based Application Form is to identify your community’s financial needs, over and above the funding formula allocation.

Please feel free to contact ISC Regional Manager, Education Ontario Regional, Rhonda Beauvais at 807 624-1586 for a copy of the side by side breakdown for your education funding.

Please note that additional funds through the Needs-Based process may not be provided to recipients who have an outstanding annual HCSEP Report.

The Needs-Based applications review by the Ontario First Nation Special Education Working Group (OFNSEWG) is on October 31, 2023.  Additional funding allocations as a result of this process will be confirmed and provided by ISC.


  1. Email to Holly Golabek at holly.golabek@coo.orgPlease

indicate on the email subject line: Needs-Based Application. You may also Cc Patricia Magiskan at

General Guide for Determining Eligible Expenditures 

Direct Services: Direct Services are those that are given to a specific student. Direct services must represent a minimum of 75% of the annual SEP resources. Generally, Direct Services are those services that can directly be linked to a specific student.

The following is a sample of eligible expenditures for direct services:

Salaries/benefits for:

  •  special education teacher
  •  individual teacher aide/paraprofessional workers

Costs associated with:

  • the acquisition of professional assessments
  • completion of student assessments
  • educational psychological services
  • counselling/social work services
  • Elder/mentoring/cultural services
  • speech/language services
  • occupational therapy services
  • physical therapy services
  • instructional/resource materials
  • assistive technologies/equipment purchases

 Indirect Services: Up to 25% of the SEP allocation may be spent on school activities and services that will improve special education programs for students with high-cost special education needs or the potential to have high cost special education needs. Indirect Services DO NOT have to be linked to a specific student.

The following is a list of eligible expenditures for indirect services:

Costs associated with:

  • providing information services
  • contracting and providing professional support services
  • contracting and providing professional assessment services
  • professional development for professional accreditations
  • other professional (capacity) development (e.g., workshops, conferences)
  • administrative support (not to exceed 10% of the amount requested before administration costs)
  • accommodations (e.g., lodging/room and board)
  • accommodating student learning needs and may include changes in the method of instruction, the curriculum, and the environment
  • transportation to a maximum of $5,000 per student

Ineligible Expenses 

  • Services required for students whose needs are mild to moderate.
  • Enhanced programs and services for gifted students or enriched, are not eligible for HCSEP funding.
  • Capital costs cannot be charged to HCSEP budget allocation.
  • Expenditures already covered through other programs.